Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Please Test DOWNLOAD The PZ Insider Report
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Hello PZ Insiders,

I want to take a few moments and explain what is going on.

It seems that on Dec 8th something happened to my email server. What? I have no idea. I have been putting in trouble tickets and doing all that I know to try to figure out what is going on.

We have also started revamping the Prophezine website, which we hope to have done here in the following weeks.

I am not sure if the two are connected or what. All I know is that many of you have not gotten my emails.

From all the tests that I have been doing, it is looking like I am being censored in some manner.

My hosting company says that all the emails are going out fine, but I am getting a lot of emails from you telling me that you are not getting my emails.

My tests show that on my old Joomla email system I cannot send out any more emails if they contain graphics, URL links, or line breaks in the text. It also appears that I cannot send out over 500 words.

Instead of trying to fix the broken and old website, we have been moving forward on the new website and new email system.

IF you are reading this, you are getting it from our new email system.

Please Be Patient and Don't Cancel

Normally during December we have a lot of holiday giving. But this month has been the worst ever in Prophezine's existence. This month only four people donated for the holidays.

Top that off with a record number of people who have unsubscribed. We have lost about 1/3 of our paid subscribers.

Folks, please do not unsubscribe.

Now more than ever we need PZ Insiders to stand with us. We have stepped out in HUGE faith and have hired someone to help us with building the new Prophezine website.

The great news is that it is coming together and we believe we will have it built in the next few weeks.

DID YOU CANCEL? Please Come Back On Board

If you have canceled in the last month or so, I have not deleted you from our system. We are not going anywhere and we have not stopped doing what we are doing. What has happened is that somehow our emails are being prevented from getting out to you.

We are not going anywhere, we are not on vacation, we have not quit.

In fact it took me two weeks to find out that people have not gotten their emails.

Folks, if you do not get the PZ Insider Report by Tuesday afternoon, PLEASE CONTACT ME IMMEDIALTELY.

No one contacted me for two weeks and I thought that my emails were getting to you, but they were not.


If you are not, please come back and stand in the gap with us. We desperately need you.

We have gotten a double whammy with all the cancelations and no holiday giving. Top that with us paying a programmer and you can understand how tight it is.

IF this is you, please re-subscribe and help us.

Monthly ($10.00) -

Monthly ($15.00) -

Monthly ($20.00) -

Monthly ($25.00) -

Every 6 Months ($50.00) -

Yearly ($100.00) -

If you can help in anyway, we desperately need your help.

We are building the new website and it will have a lot of great features. As you can see already we are redesigning our logo, our look and you will really enjoy the new Prophezine.

Please stand in the gap with us.

Please don’t abandon us.

We are not going away and we will continue to be the watchman on the wall.


With that, I am honored to present the following articles in this issue of The PZ Insider Report.

Single Global Currency by 2024? - By Ray Gano

SILENT NO MORE! - The Cost of Cultural Compromise - By Wayne Edwards

Five Fundamentals of the Christian Faith - By Jerry Smith

2015: A Very Spiritual Year - By Belle Ringer



NOTE - Please let me know you got this & you downloaded the latest report.

Please Pray For Me and Tracye

We are excited about the direction that God is taking us and taking with this new Prophezine website.

But it seems that every step we have taken, we have been getting hammered in one way or another.

There are good things happening in our lives and we know that God will see us through this storm.

We continue to walk on the water with Him, but I must admit that there are times that I have been starting to sink because the waves around me seem pretty scary at this point in time.

We really need hard core prayer.

Please pray that God provide the resources to help us push through and get the new site done.

Please pray that people will come back and become PZ Insiders again.

Times are tough and we understand that. But we cannot pull back, we have got to push forward and continue to be there for one another.

Together we can make a difference and all of us can use Prophezine as that vehicle to share the gospel and the hope of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In His Service,

Ray & Tracye Gano



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