Thursday, February 22, 2018
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OH NO! The Baltic Dry Index Has Fallen!! TOMORROW WE DIE! - A Realistic Perspective

PZ Note - At the end of this article is my 2 hour lecture on Food, Water and Meds Lecture I gave. Take the time to listen.

ray-gano-medI have been reading out on Facebook people just freaking out because of the Baltic Dry Index has fallen below 400.

“OH NO! The Baltic Dry Index Has Fallen!! WOE IS ME, TOMORROW WE DIE!”

Yes, for the first time ever, the Baltic Dry Index has fallen to 394.

This is the lowest it has ever been in a 5 year history.

BUT… if you do look at the BDI charts over a 5 year time span, you will see that it historically goes down after Christmas.

You can check out Bloomberg’s chart here -

Some of you may be asking, “What is the Baltic Dry Index?”

The Baltic Dry Index (BDI) is an economic indicator issued daily by the London-based Baltic Exchange. The index provides "an assessment of the price of moving the major raw materials by sea.

Source -

A lot of people are putting out a total “Doom and Gloom” projection saying that global trade will grind to a halt.

In other words, no ships will be crossing the great blue from one country to another.


No matter what, global trade is being affected, but global trade will always take place and will never stop.

To prove this, you can go to and look at all the sea traffic taking place globally.


If you go and ZOOM IN - There are more ships in the ocean than what you see here.

Areas to pay attention to – New York, The English Channel, The Panama Canal, Hong Kong and surrounding Pacific rim areas.

What you will see is a plethora of ships moving good and materials around globally.

Now I do believe that we are going to see some hard times in 2016. This is a fact. The house of cards will fall sooner or later.

But what I want to try to do is put things into perspective.

What we don’t want to be saying is… “But hey! My neighborhood is fine. My bank is still open, we’ve got sports and TV and movies and plenty of fast food. That should be enough … shouldn’t it?”

The BDI is at an all-time low. That in and of itself should be an indicator of things to come in the next 30-90 days.

If trade is slowing down like we have seen via these different index charts. Then it would behoove us to make plans.

Many of you know that I am a prepper and I try to look at these sort of indicators.

Christ himself basically stated that when you see a red sky at night, no there is fair weather, but if you see a red sky in the morning, know that a storm is coming.

The BDI is one of those “red skies” and we should be taking heed.

What Should We Do?

Well you can go into “Headless Chicken Mode” and run all over saying the sky is falling.


You can start being prudent and start storing up food, medical supplies and water.

If trade is being affected, then many products that we need might go into short supply.

Historically food and medical supplies are what seems to be effected first.

What I highly recommend is getting at least 90 days’ worth of food on hand. If you take baby steps and every time you are at the store you buy some rice, beans, canned ham, canned fruit and veggies and start sticking them back into a closet; you would be amazed at how fast you can acquire 90 days’ worth of food.

If you have medical needs, try to get your supply of meds and such to where you have about 90 days of surplus on hand. Now this might be difficult due to some prescriptions and such. But it is something that you should try to shoot for.

Got 90 Days – Great – Now Plan For Long Term

I am one who believes that if you are able, try to produce your own long term foods. It is doing what our great grandparents used to do. That is to can, preserve, pickle, dehydrate (dry) & ferment your foods so that they can have a longer shelf life.

stcs-3Earlier this year I wrote the book  “The Poor man’s Guide To Preserving Your Wealth In an Economic Collapse - Learning to Save When Income is Dwindling.”

In my book I point out that we need to start looking at many things that we can do to preserve our wealth.

One of those ways is food and this is why I harp that we must start looking at food as an investment.

But like any investment, we need to purchase low and hopefully sell high.

Example, how many have bought rice and beans at least a year or more ago and stored them away in 5 gallon buckets, using mylar bags and sealing them with Gamma Lids like I recommended?

Remember the price you bought those items?

How much of an increase would it cost you if you had to repurchase that rice, beans, mylar bags, 5 gallon buckets, and gamma lids today?

What is that price difference today? How much money did you save taking my advice then?

Folks, with the way things are going, you can STILL save a large amount of money if you prepare today.

I know for a fact that Gamma Lids have gone up in price. When I purchased mine they cost $7.00, today they are approximately $13.00.

That is still a great buy for what you are getting and something that I HIGHLY recommend you get.

How hard will it be when the masses have caught on and the need for these bucket set ups are going through the roof?

Get what I am saying?

As more and more people become aware, they will take action. Right now the Baltic Dry Index is something that most people are totally unaware of.

We are still below the 20% of people taking action.

But when 80% of the people start taking action, how high will these bucket cost then?

In fact here is a quick list of my food bucket set up…

Food Grade 5 Gallon Bucket -

5 Gallon Mylar Bags with Oxygen absorbers  -

Gamma Lids -

What I want to do is share some products that I highly recommend. We own these things ourselves and we use them to create our own long term food.

excalibur2900Excalibur2900 - 9 tray Dehydrator - The first product that I want to introduce you to is called the Excalibur2900 - 9 tray dehydrator. This has been the best investment ever. It has saved us a lot of money and continues to this day to help us store up left overs that would have otherwise become a science experiment in the fridge or just thrown away in the garbage after eating dinner.

This is a great product that will dehydrate your food. Once you do, you can stick the food in mason jars with an oxygen absorber and your food will last a number of years.

Excalibur2900 - 9 tray dehydrator -

If I had just one item that I would want, it would be my Excalibur Dehydratior. There is so much that you can do with it.

Other products I recommend…

15 liter Fermenting Pot – This is great to make pickles, kraut, pickled veggie mix, and many other preserved foods. This also helps in putting back positive probiotics into your system.

15 liter Fermenting Pot -

Foodsaver vacuum Sealer – I like this because you can vacuum seal a lot of the products that you have dehydrated or pickled. You can also use this to help keep dry items you do not want to get damaged or create your own first aid kit, MRE, pictures of the family, there are many things that you can vacuum seal and keep safe

Foodsaver vacuum Sealer -

All American 921 Pressure Cooker – This is probably the best canner cooker you can get on the market. If you know how to can, then you can store up all kinds of foods, jams, jellies, fruits and veggies. You can even store up and can your own meat. The great thing about this canner is that you can also use it as a still to make alcohol and it will help you sterilize any medical equipment that you might need to use in case of an emergency.

All American 921 Pressure Cooker / Canner

Water Storage Tanks – Water is critical and it is something that many people forget about. Here are two water tanks that I recommend.

260 gallon tank allows you to store it in your home. It is the size that would easily fit in a closet or corner in a room.

The other is 525 gallon tank that you can place in a garage or back yard. You want to calculate at a minimum, one gallon per person per day.

Example – if it is just you, the 260 gallon tank would last you 260 days if you maintained one gallon per person per day rule.

You can go a long time without eating, but you can only go 3 days without water before your body start shutting down.

260 Gallon Water Storage Tank

525 Gallon Water Storage Tank -


The following is a two session lecture that I gave several years ago. There may be parts that are dated, but the information is still pertinent.

Please take the time to listen to it. The information I give will help you prepare better for hard times ahead.

Look at it this way, in the long run you have a pantry full of food and you need to eat. Will it go to waste? Not likely.

Survive The Coming Storm - Food Water Medicine Preps & Equipment – Part 1

In this installment I will be talking about how to get your food pantry started and how to ramp it up fast.

This past week's feature article was titled "Survive the Coming Storm – Defining the Storm & Starting With Food."

Please review that article so that you have a good foundation so that we can jump right into the nitty gritty of this lecture.

I will be sharing websites and resources as well as buying tips so that you can get your pantry in order quickly.


Ray & Tracye Thrive Life Site

Ray's Book - Survive The Coming Storm -

ER Emergency Ration 3600+ Calorie, 5-Year Emergency Food Bar

Berkey 22-Ounce Water Filter Sports Bottle

5 Gallon bucket mylar bags

PZ Gamma Lids



MRE Shelf Life -



Click Here To Download / Listen to Part 1


Survive The Coming Storm - Food Water Medicine Preps & Equipment - Part 2

In this installment I will be talking about the equipment you can use to to get your food pantry started and how to maintain it in the long run.

I will be sharing websites and resources as well as buying tips so that you can get your pantry in order quickly.


15 liter Fermenting Pot

Excalibur2900 9 tray dehydrator

Sun Oven GANO Coupon $319 vs $399 -

Foodsaver vacuum Sealer

Blendtec Kitchen Mill 60-Ounce Electric Grain Mill

Nutrimill Grain Mill

All American 921 Pressure Cooker / Canner

The Harvester 72” Shelf

260 Gallon Water Storage Tank

525 Gallon Water Storage Tank


Click Here To Download Part 2 of my Lecture



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