Thursday, March 05, 2015
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New PZ Site Features

With the new site and new system software, we are able to bring new features to the Prophezine website. We are really pleased at the vast amount of gizmo's and gadgets that we can add to the site to make your PZ surfing experience more pleasurable.


I am really trying to make our homepage a place that you can return to often, keeping you abreast of news and information important to you, the student of Bible Prophecy.

Starting on the right hand side…

Local Weather -  We have a "LOCAL WEATHER" module that you can change to your own home town weather. Right now we have Jerusalem Israel. Just click on the city name and type in your own city and the Prophezine site will remember your choice for local weather.

Stocks - We also have a stock ticker where you can add your own stocks to keep an eye on them. Right now we have the DOW, Nasdaq, & S&P. You can click on the little X on the right of each stock and delete it if you wish and add your own stocks you wish to track

Latest Talk - We have "The Latest Talk" going on in our forum area, this way when you come to the New Prophezine homepage, you will see the latest forum posts as well as the top active posts just below that.

Polls- Below that we are interested in what you think and will be conducting  quick polls. Right now we want to know what you think of the new Prophezine site so far.

Moving back up and to the top of our articles…

We have the top stories, starting with our "The PZ 52 Week Food Storage Plan." This is the lead article in this week's PZ Insider Report.  You can click on the different pictures to jump though the stories or just let the slide show run and read the intro text for each article.

Below that we then have our most recent PZ Radio Show. This is not going to be the permanent place for this feature, but it works for right now.

We then have our "Latest News" where right now you see we are featuring articles from Dave Dolan, Paul Proctor and Fred DeRuvo. We are also archiving these news pieces so you can catch up if you miss a few days by clicking on the numbered bar in the lower right. There are news stories there that I have already put in from the past days of our PZ News Watch.

Finally we have "Latest Prophezine Updates" which anytime anything is added or changed on the PZ Site, you are notified here is this area.


Looking at our navigation, we have HOME - FORUM - PROPHECY - PREPAREDNESS - PZ INSIDER

We will be adding to this, but the only functioning areas right now are the FORUM and PROPECY.


I am really excited about our new forum. People have jumped in and really building community and friendships. The forum software we chose is very easy for just about anyone to get in, read posts and jump into the discussion.

We have areas for:

General Discussion (introduce yourself, pict of family & pets, suggestion box)
Bible Prophecy
Current News & Events
Christian Issues / Living in The Last Days
Christian Preparedness / Survival / Stewardship
Prayer and Praise.

To get to these, once you are in the forum area look for the INDEX Tab, in fact these tabs are how you navigate through the different forum options from updating your profile to checking the most recent posts.

As the default, when you enter the PZ Forum you are taken to the RECENT TOPICS tab. If you want to start a new topic, click on INDEX and find the area that best suits your new topic.



So often I wonder what is the motivation, the foundations, the reasons some authors write and cover topics the way they do.

It often has to do with where they attended school, their church, their influences even what version of the bible they use. All these play into how authors compose their writing and research.

What are some of those motivations?  That is what drove me to create the ARTICLES BY AUTHOR area which is also turning out to be an in depth "Who's Who" in Bible Prophecy.

I personally know just about everyone in the Bible Prophecy arena and I will be getting their input and background to help answer some of these questions. In knowing these details, it will shine a light on why that author took that certain direction when researching and writing. I think this background will really help many of us as well as those in the Bible Prophecy arena understand and even help bridge gaps in understanding, and seeing what makes people "tick."


This is an area that I feel is a growing concern with many people, especially here in the US.

As many of you know I have a background in Special Ops in the US Army and yes I jumped out of perfectly good airplane,  ate monkey and even snakes too.(as well as some things I wish I didn't have to  eat too.)

I have lived a preparedness lifestyle pretty much my entire life. When you live in earthquake country, San Francisco Bay Area, being prepared for "the next big one" was always drilled into our heads.

Living through the 1989 "Loma Prieta / World Series" earthquake and working for FEMA to assist those who lost their homes gave me a firsthand view of the destruction that can take place. It also gave me special  insight on how people react in times of disaster.  I also learned how people could have prepared much better for such a disaster as well as what happened to those who did nothing.

Looking ahead at what the US and other western countries are facing economically, we can see very hard times coming.

In fact the signs are so "in your face" it amazes me that some people just don't see it or much wores, they don't care.

In this area it is my goal to share articles, videos, how to, and other information to help folks become better stewards over what God has given them.

The driving factor in this is in doing this, it enables us as Christians to "always be ready to share the hope" and to "Occupy Till He Returns" no matter what is going on in the world around us.



People often ask me, "What Are The Benefits To Being a PZ Insider?"

THE PZ INSIDER REPORT – This is a weekly report sent to you in your email. It varies between 30 - 40 pages in length featuring the best teachers in Bible Prophecy today such as, Hal Lindsey, Grant Jeffrey, Gary Kah, Berit Kjos, Fred DeRuvo, Barbara Henderson, etc. The file format is PDF so that when it is delivered to you, you receive a quality product that you can print and share with others and thus help spread the Gospel of our Lord and the hope of His soon return.

PZ NEWS WATCH - With so much that is taking place globally we are now sending out the news the moment we find it.

Here is what we watch for you...

Anti-Christian - Anti-Semitism

Apostasy - Ecumenicalism, Christian Compromise

Natural Disasters - Earthquakes, Floods, Famine, Pestilence

New Age Agenda - Paganism - The Occult

One World Government - The Illuminati & Freemasons

Temple Mount - Return of the Levi - Temple Institute

UN – Israel - Middle East

Mark Technology - Bio Chip - Big Brother

Recently we have changed to a "edition" format. As news happens, I start building Morning, Mid-Morning, Afternoon, Mid Afternoon, or Evening edition. Once we have 4-6+ articles, we send this out so that you get the news while it is still "hot." We have found that in this format people enjoy printing the entire document and can then read it while having morning coffee, lunch, brunch, after work or winding down in bed.

PZ SURVIVAL NEWS - is our newest edition that we send out on Saturdays. In this we cover tips, tricks on food storage, safety and security, as well as articles from Lisa Bedford (The Survival Mom), Fernando Aguirre - author of "Surviving the Economic Collapse", and others in the preparedness and survival arena. The PZ Survival News is there, keeping you informed of what one can do in case of natural, man made disaster or emergency situation.

PZ RADIO - Ray Gano is the host of PZ Radio which is part of the PRN network. He broadcasts live every Tuesday at 2:00PM CST on PRN.  By becoming a PZ Insider you can download and listen to past show that are archived when you want and where you want.

This area as well as the PREPAREDNESS area are for PZ Insiders only.

Stay Tuned - More To Come As We Build.

If you have any questions on how to use the new Prophezine website, do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you God for getting us this far. Tracye and I look forward to the direction You take us in the future.

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